Health and Safety Training is important for every organisation. We know that effective employee and contractor training leads to a better, safer workplace. But how do you run your training without the costs skyrocketing?
high cost of training

Some industries have more challenging operational requirements.

Many need to train new people on a regular basis and have site-specific training elements. There can be a high set up time and cost when delivering in-person training in these industries. This is because of their remote or complex nature and the frequency of training needed.

Save on training costs with e-learning

Integrated online training platforms can help.

After the initial set-up, a well-executed e-learning platform will allow your people to access health and safety training anywhere, any time. They minimise ongoing employee and contractor training costs for the organisation too.

Check this out to find out how online training can work for you

360 New Zealand’s flexible and easy to use e-learning platforms can include any number of multi-media components. This means that you can cover content that is specifically relevant to your organisation. They can sit in your own website, or be hosted on a central hub which can be tailored to your brand’s look and feel.

Read more about our Safety360 solutions and check out a sample online health and safety course.

The 360nz team have proven experience in the planning and production of high quality digital content. This includes; 360° photos and videos; aerial imagery; graphics and animations; virtual tours; user-friendly e-learning platforms and websites.

We can manage your move from in-person health and safety courses to an online e-learning solution. We’d love to help you keep your team safe, so get in touch today.

For the latest New Zealand specific guidelines, regulations and information from Worksafe Mahi Haumaru, visit their website.