Emerald Bluffs

Virtual Tours

The spectacular and unique living environment Emerald Bluffs recently commissioned 360 for a variety of virtual tours, as well as an aerial video project.

The client’s requirements were quite clear: reach a remote audience and provide them with the best possible way to experience Emerald Bluffs’ unique location without visiting themselves (yet). The virtual tours are to be used on the Emerald Bluffs website, showcasing the four remaining sites on the market, as well as a few locations of interest. We created five tours in total; four for each individual site and one for the whole area with eleven panoramas shot in total.

The virtual tour below is the full tour, with a navigable aerial map, all eleven panoramas, plus one of our own panos shot at Roy’s Peak.

About Emerald Bluffs

Emerald Bluffs is a unique living environment where sensitive, sustainable development goes hand in hand with the on-going enhancement and protection of the natural landscape.

Set up as a not-for-profit model, all profits from the sales of sites at Emerald Bluffs will be contributed to local environmental projects through a charitable trust. The multi award winning C3 house concept demonstrates a world leading approach to sustainable luxury living.


  • Emerald Bluffs


  • 360 Panorama Shooting
  • Comprehensive Virtual Tour Creation


  • December 2014

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