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Richard from KBOS came to us with a logistical requirement for his tailor-made snow kiting trips. He needed a way to brief his clients on the location of the remote mountains and terrain in which they would be kiting and the various safety issues that come with it.

With the very limited amount of imagery covering the various mountain ranges they use, it was decided to create some comprehensive aerial virtual tours of the terrain they explore.

As part of our 360skytours service, we created three different aerial tours, covering three different mountain ranges. The logistics involved in shooting such tours was challenging and the time frames were tight, however we delivered all three on time and to the high standard that our client was expecting.

View the Pisa Range aerial tour here…

About Kite Boarding Online Shop

KBOS sell kite surfing and snow kiting equipment, and facilitate extraordinary, tailor-made kiting adventures in New Zealand’s South Island.

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“We sell kite surfing, and snow kiting equipment, and facilitate epic adventures in New Zealand’s South Island. Some of our clients are among the most wealthy people on Earth. We needed very high quality drone footage and aerial 360 panoramas for informing our clients on where they would be snow-kiting and also briefing them on support, rescue, medic and security personnel. We chose 360nz because of the integrity of the people, their professionalism, their positive attitude and ultimately because of their technical capability. We are very very pleased with what they delivered, their flexibility to accommodate our tight deadlines, and their ability to work in a complex winter mountain environment. You are more than welcome to call us to get a personal reference, but the million dollar question is: would we work with them again? Yes. Definitely!” – Richard Prout, KBOS


  • Richard Prout / Kite Boarding Online Shop


  • Aerial Panoramas
  • Aerial Virtual Tour Creation


  • August 2015

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