A Year of Time in Wanaka

Time Lapse Video

For the past year we’ve been working on a self-funded time lapse project; A Year of Time in Wanaka.

The inspiration for this project begun with the amazing scenery that surrounds us here in Wanaka, and how this scenery changes dramatically throughout the year. Many people who tend to visit at one just one time of year do not get the chance to experience the beauty of the other seasons or the unique events that occur in these seasons. This runs particularly true for our winter visitors, who never really see Wanaka’s spectacular summers or its autumn golden glory.

Taking the viewers through our four changing seasons in just five minutes, this time lapse project is aimed at creating inspiration for people to visit this stunning area at a different time of year than usual.

About Wanaka

Dubbed as a Lifestyle Reserve and with a population of just 7,000 or so, Wanaka is a more relaxed alternative to its buzzing big brother over the hill; Queenstown. The town thrives during the winter and mid-summer, but has a slower pace for the rest of the year.

The attraction of Wanaka is the visually stunning surroundings and the access to the outdoors. But those who chose to call Wanaka home, will often say that while the scenery and surroundings is what brought them here, it’s the people that keep them here.


  • Self Funded Project


  • Time Lapse Filming and Processing
  • Post Production Editing


  • July 2015

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