2021 Stunt Puppy Shoot

Client: Stunt Puppy


Completed: April 2021

Stunt Puppy approached us to work with them on a multi-day, multi-output shoot to capture their amazing doggy accessories. The project required some tricky angles, with underwater shooting being a key element.

Being dog owners and lovers of outdoor sports ourselves, this project was a very natural fit. We were even able to use our own pups within the varied talent pool of furry friends.

Check out our favourite shots…


Pre-Production Planning


Action Filming & Photography


Aerial & Underwater Filming


Post Production Editing

About Stunt Puppy

If you imagine your favourite outdoor brand teamed up with someone like Lululemon to make gear for dogs then you’d pretty much land right on top Stunt Puppy. Based in the belief that the best times we have with our dogs are when we are outside, doing stuff together every piece of gear is designed and built from the dog up, taking into account their anatomy, behaviour and physiology to create gear that’s light, comfortable, performance-oriented to keep dogs safe and happy wherever our adventures take them.

“Didn’t someone famous in film once say ’never work with children or animals’?

Thankfully for us Keith and Richie at 360nz missed that memo. Dogs, kids, boats, kayaks, SUPS, wind, water, dirt and all kinds of other chaos were thrown into this mix. With each shoot the images got more golden – literally as Raphie and Miro (their own dogs) became the stars of the show; and figuratively as Keith and Richie captured both the functional and emotional elements of our brand putting the design of the gear and the bond between man and dog front and centre in every shot.

This was our most ambitious shoot ever to get the kind of material for Float Doggy and the results speak for themselves. We are a primarily online brand and we’ve sold out of the product they shot for us twice this summer in the northern hemisphere. The gear, the skill, the perseverance, the on time delivery and the navigation of so many moving parts that 360 brought to this is remarkable and we are eternally grateful.”

Angela Hook


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