A taste of our work

360 degree media

Interactive and engaging! Give the viewer control over their own experience with a seamlessly-stitched 360 degree video or virtual tour; by far the most engaging method of showcasing a location or event.

Aerial Imagery

Completely unique perspectives! From 4K quality aerial video to our innovative aerial virtual tours, our UAV / drone photo and video services will help your marketing content stand out from the crowd and reach wider audiences.

Time Lapse Specialities

Adding the eye candy! We create high-production time lapse video, capturing changing scenes from natural environments with dramatic light changes to fast pace surroundings with lots of movement.

Event Services

The complete package! We can build your website, shoot your promo video, photograph the event and even live stream it to your Facebook page. Or take it one step further with our aerial imagery and 360 degree video services.

Mobile Devices

Stay current! Our websites and virtual tours work on all devices including smart phones and tablets. Our 360 imagery utilises the gyroscope functionality allowing the viewer to physically move the device to look up, down and around. 360 videos still have some device limitations, but we’re right on the forefront of it!

Research and Planning

Get it right from the start! With all our projects we take a comprehensive look at the content you need to provide, the audience you’re trying to reach and the messages you want to deliver; then ensure the end result meets your goals, no matter what service it is we’re providing.

We enjoy discussing new projects!

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