3-mins-in-360 on The Old Ghost Road

Client: The Old Ghost Road Trails Trust


Completed: November 2017

As the pilot episode for this brand new 360 degree video series, The Old Ghost Road multi-day mountain trail was the ideal location to shoot.

With the help of The Old Ghost Road Trails Trust, we took a team of 4 across the 3-day backcountry mountain bike adventure. The shoot involved multiple 360 degree mounts, designed and made by our team, wireless mic audio, and aerial 360 footage for both the opening and closing shots.

The ride itself was challenging and not for the faint-hearted. Our team thrived working in the arduous environment and the finished piece is a pinnacle media asset that The Old Ghost Road Trails Trust will use for many years to come.

Within the first month of release, this “3 mins in 360” video had a reach of 85k with 9.5k full views and over 90 shares on Facebook.

Here’s the video embedded for you…


Substantial Pre-Production Planning


360° Filming


360 Video Stitching


Aerial, Handheld & Fixed Interior Angles


Post Production Editing

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