Rolla-wipa Marketing & Filming

Client: Rolla-wipa


Completed: 2022

Rolla-wipa have been engaging our services since early 2020, in multiple areas. Here at 360nz, we provided them with marketing support and e-commerce strategies, plus regular filming and editing services for their video campaigns.

Depending on the purpose of each video campaign, the client may ask us to film it professionally for them or they may shoot it themselves on their smartphone and ask us to edit it. These two levels of service work well for this client, who like to use a balance of consumer-style and professional imagery in their marketing.

The video below is a testimonial edit, filmed and edited by 360nz…


Ongoing Marketing Support


E-Commerce Strategy


Filming & Editing Services

About Rolla-wipa

Fed up with spending hours cleaning roller sleeves for over 30 years as a professional painter, and worried about watching so much paint literally go down the drain, Brett Stanley knew there was a better way to clean up.

Brett then designed and manufactured his unique 3-in-1 painter’s tool which effectively removes paint from roller sleeves, whilst acting as a handy paint tin opener and stirring stick that gets into the corners of the tin.

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