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A well-executed e-learning platform is engaging, educational and empowering.

Organisations across all industry sectors can benefit from implementing e-learning programmes. Whether your goal is to reduce training costs, retain staff, front-load course attendees, or educate and change behaviour within a community, an effective e-learning platform can help you achieve your vision.

E-learning can be applied across corporate and community environments. From onboarding staff to ongoing professional and career development, health and safety training requirements, providing pre-course information, and community-based education programmes, e-learning is an efficient and effective way to train.

Video content is a key element of engaging e-learning modules and, to take it a step further, our 360° video gives a more immersive and comprehensive learning environment. Imagine learners looking all around a specific scene to spot hazards which could be in front, behind or above them… just like in real life.

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Simple & Effective E-Learning Platforms


Wordpress-Based Learning Management Systems (LMS)


Specifically Structured Module Content & Quizzes


Embedded Professional Imagery


Ideal for Community-Based Education


Streamlined Health & Safety Induction Training


Employee Training & Development

E-Learning for Snowsports Instruction

E-learning has helped the New Zealand Snowsports Instructors’ alliance to front-load their members before they attend a course in person.

Read more about the project here.

E-Learning for Health and Safety

Educate your employees on your latest health and safety requirements with lower costs than in-person training.

Read more about H&S e-learning here.

E-Learning for Water Safety

A first for the water safety sector in NZ, Drowning Prevention Auckland’s new E-learning platform is revolutionising their education process.

Check out the portfolio write-up here.

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