SBINZ Resource Video Series

Client: Snowboard Instruction NZ


Completed: October 2018

With a vested interest in the non-profit organisation SBINZ (the snowboard arm of the New Zealand Snowsports Instructors Alliance), the team here at 360nz were extremely passionate about this video series.

The goal of the 6-part series was to present and discuss a different teaching methodology or concept, from the perspective of the presenter, giving the viewer a deeper understanding of the content that is found in the Snowboard Instructor’s Manual.

Each video has a different presenter; all being current Examiners and members of the SBINZ Technical Team. The videos will also to be used within their E-Learning platform that we previously helped to build.

Watch the first episode here…


Action Photography & Filming


Substantial Pre Production Planning


Post Production Editing


E-Learning Implementation


Snowboard Instruction New Zealand is one of the four divisions within the NZSIA and is responsible for the education and certification for Snowboard Instructing and Coaching in New Zealand.

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