“Hmmmm… a video series all shot in 360 degrees!”

“Would it work? How long should the episodes be? What kind of topics would people want to see in 360°?”

We asked ourselves these questions and many more in October 2017, when we were deep into our early stages of planning for 360 degree filming. Earlier in the year we had spent a lot of hours building and testing mounts, stitching test footage and putting together an initial show reel of sorts.

But every time we talked to a client about it, they were unsure of how 360 degree video would work for their business and marketing strategies. It was an unknown quantity and a very new method of story telling.

In Comes 3-mins-in-360

What we needed was a 360° passion project! Something that would give us more reason to get out of the office and go on adventures, shoot with non-profit organisations and topics of interest, and showcase how 360° can be used to tell a story.

Our first episode was shot on The Old Ghost Road, in support of the years of hard work the Trails Trust had put in there.

Check out the second episode shot in Japan at Dosojin Matsuri (otherwise known as the Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival)…

We’re now planning a third episode for this coming winter, splitboarding in the backcountry of the Southern Alps. This has since been published; view it here.