What is scenario-based online training?

Scenario-based online training puts the learners front and centre. It simulates the environment and performance requirements the participants will face when they complete their e-learning course and enter the real-life situation for which they are training.

What are the benefits?

Safe Failure

Employees and contractors are virtually transported safely to what could, in the real world, be an extremely hazardous environment, where a small error could lead to big consequences. Within an e-learning programme the experience can be simulated but the physical risk is completely removed.

Promote Problem Solving

Realistic scenarios within an online training programme allow the user to apply critical thinking to a relevant situation and actively solve problems to achieve the best results, both throughout their training and when undertaking their on-the-job activities.

Instant Feedback

Participants in the scenario training course make decisions based on the information in front of them. This is followed directly by acting upon the decision and receiving instant feedback on the results of that decision.

Make Memories

Scenarios are a form of storytelling which is relatable and engages emotion. So using scenario-based e-learning makes the training programme more memorable and increases the participant’s retention of information for when they start the job.
Scenario-based training is a valuable tool to use within your e-learning course. It will engage your employees and contractors in the identification of potential issues and get them actively involved in anticipating consequences and taking action to minimise risk. Going through this process in the safety of an online simulation prepares them for when they are going about their duties on site.