When you invest in a new e-learning platform, you want to know it will last the distance. You don’t want to get hit additional unexpected costs when your organisation grows, or you need to make content changes down the track. To future proof your investment in your online training platform, check with your prospective platform provider that they offer suitable solutions for the following four things:

Number of Users

You might know how many employees and/or contractors you need to complete your training initially, but what if that changes?  How many users are supported in the plan? Are you paying per user, or in tiers? You want peace of mind that adding extra users is possible and any further investment associated with higher staff or contractor numbers falls within acceptable budget constraints.

Additional Content

Doing business in today’s world means adapting quickly to both internal and external forces. This applies to your employee development programme too. New regulations, or changes in your worksite or training and development requirements may mean that you need to add a course, or several courses. How flexible is the platform you have? Is there a high cost for additional courses? Providers will have varying solutions which may allow you to add your own content with certain boundaries, or have other budget-friendly options.

Content Upgrade
If you have the ability to create content in-house, these are some important questions to ask: What are the terms like for content upgrades? Does your provider have to make the changes and what are the associated costs? Is it possible to do some of these tweaks yourself?
Technology Updates & Responsive Design

Previously online courses were designed specifically for a certain type of computer or device. With advances in technology and the way we work these days, mobile devices are just as likely to be used to access e-learning. So you want to know that your courses work equally as well on any type of device.

Custom systems rely on the creator to keep upgrading them relative to devices and technology. Open source software is continually updated to add new devices and software versions. It pays to check there won’t be any compatibility issues further down the track as new devices come onto the market.

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