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Choosing An E-Learning Supplier

Choosing An E-Learning Supplier

Thinking about implementing a new e-learning platform in your organisation in 2020? Wondering how to choose the best e-learning programme provider? Here’s a quick rundown of things you should consider when choosing the right supplier for you.
selecting an online training partner

Do They Get It?

It doesn’t matter what aspect of your organisation you’re hoping to work with a third party on, you want to know that the supplier you’re working with understands your objectives and how your organisation does things.

Expertise & Experience

What do their previous clients have to say about them? Read reviews and testimonials and take the time to contact previous and current clients to find out what they thought about working with them.

The Tool Itself

Will the tool suit the purpose? Make sure there’s enough flexibility to allow you to have the features and functionality that suit your needs. The tool must be mobile ready as people increasingly accessing online learning on mobile devices.

Easy To Use Interface

Learning new skills is hard enough without technology adding another layer of challenge. You want your online training interface to be as user friendly as possible.

Good Value

Good value doesn’t always mean cheap. Whether you’re going fully customised, off-the-shelf, or a hybrid, you only want to pay for what you need and what will be effective for your organisation’s training objectives.

If you’re not sure why you should consider e-learning platform for your organisation, check out this blog highlighting the benefits.

If your organisation wants to deliver online training to your people this year, then contact the team at 360nz. We’d love to discuss your project with you.

Learning Management Systems Pros & Cons

Learning Management Systems Pros & Cons

Bespoke vs Off-The-Shelf vs Hybrid

When we work with customers on their e-learning projects, we choose to work with a hybrid Learning Management System (LMS) that allows cost-effective customisation of learning modules and course content. Think of it like a hybrid vehicle engine… maximum fuel efficiency without losing the torque of your 3L diesel.

Integrating 360 Degree Video into E-Learning

Integrating 360 Degree Video into E-Learning

What if you could give your trainees an online learning experience that was as close as possible to being there in person?

E-Learning courses have come a long way from the days where people read the text and then ticked the multi choice answer box. Online training is becoming more common, less cost prohibitive and far more innovative. As a result, its effectiveness is also increasing.