Managing Moving Parts…

With so many different platforms, channels, and technology offerings by specialist providers it can be hard to keep up with the latest online solutions. It’s understandable that some people are overwhelmed by the options when they want to increase their digital marketing activity.

Specialising leads to deep understanding and knowledge of a specific subject area. But with the myriad offerings out there in today’s world, seeking specialist help for each of them would result in one complex web of service providers.

To streamline your approach, we recommend that you identify the key things you want to focus on and look for an organisation that has knowledge and experience providing them.

The three advantages of working with a one stop shop outlined below are not at all insignificant.

Simpler communication

Having a singular point of contact for the whole project, regardless of how many moving parts it has, is a huge time saver and reduces the likelihood of miscommunication, or delays waiting for conversations to happen across varying providers.

Stay on track

…of time
Your project’s timeline is more likely to stay on track as you’re not working with numerous different companies’ production timelines. Internal conversations about bumping timings between members of the same team are often more flexible than those amongst external organisations.

…of budget
Each organisation you work alongside has an account or project manager. So, if you’re working with 2 or 3 different providers you’ll be paying some kind of account management time with each. This is through no fault of the provider. It’s just a simple fact of business and operating structures. This can be minimised by having one project lead across all elements of the project within your selected ‘one stop shop’ provider.

Cohesive solution

Your overall goal is to find the right solution delivered on time and on budget.
Working with a single company means they’ll understand how each part fits together as a whole. This should give you a cohesive solution.

Your chosen provider will gain a deep understanding of your business. They’ll understand what you want to achieve through working closely with you on each part of the project.


Saving time, money and lets face it probably some sanity too, sound like pretty good reasons to choose a solution provider who can offer all aspects of your project in one. Not all one stop shops are created equal. Look for proven ability to deliver great customer service, the right mix of offerings, expertise and experience to suit your needs.

DOP Keith Stubbs working on set with Drowning Prevention Auckland